Vera Sperl

Is a Textile Artist based in Vienna

My creative origin is fashion.

I have studied fashion and design in Vienna and have been working as a directrice for the Viennese fashion label modus vivendi for more than 20 years.

Dealing with various high-quality materials and experimenting with cuts and processing techniques in fashion design are my basis for my textile art and of course the great love of crafts, which is noticeable in all my work.

It was always hard for me to separate from things, at some point I collected too much material leftovers.


Through these collected treasures and my playful ego emerged first beings of knit and fabric, these were initially intended only as decoration for the Christmas display.

These creatures have aroused a lot of enthusiasm, so that my Holy Creatures came into being.

Furthermore, I work with material remnants of the fashion label modus vivendi, preferably with merino knit and cotton jersey.

Thus, the terms recycling or no waste product also fit on my work.

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